We have a range of hobbing & shaping machines and can cut external and internal gears up to 1300mm diameter and 10mm module.

Shafts up to 2000mm can be hobbed.

Gears larger than that can be cut by special processes, please enquire.

Hobbing: Leibherr L901, Pfauter 180, Pfauter 400, Pfauter 630
Module 10 Max
900 mm Max work piece diameter
370 mm Max face width
Maximum length of work Piece 820 mm
Helix angle 0-45

Shaping: Internal: Lorenz LS630 (fitted with 180 mm raiser block), Sykes V400, Sykes 3C, MAAG sH100
Shaping: External
Module 10 Max
630 mm Max work piece diameter
250 mm Max face width

Shaping: Internal: Lorenz LS630
Module 10 Max
750 mm Max work piece diameter
200 mm Max face width