Hindle have invested in the very best and most capable machines and processes to enable us to manufacture product to the world class standards that our customers demand.

Our extensive portfolio is listed below.

Gear Grinding


Gear Grinding usually takes place after heat-treatment and produces the finished, accurate geometry of the tooth profile.

We grind to an ISO 1328 class 5 & 6 as standard but are easily capable of higher grades with special tooling.

The machines we use are:
Generative : Reishauer RZ400, 362
Form : Höfler Rapid 1000

Gear Cutting


We have a range of hobbing & shaping machines and can cut external and internal gears up to 1300mm diameter and 10mm module.

Shafts up to 2000mm can be hobbed.

Gears larger than that can be cut by special processes, please enquire.

Gear Shaving


Gear Shaving is used to improve the accuracy of the cut gear prior to heat-treatment.

We have 2 Red Ring shavers for this process.

This process has become less popular as the option of Gear Grinding has reduced in cost.



We have a range of Broaching machines and Broaches.

Lapoint HP20 9T/48”(Horizontal), Lapoint HP20 33T/72” (Horizontal), Coventry TR10/36” (Vertical), B.S.A – T.M.7 (Vertical),
Horizontal: 72” Max stroke.
Vertical: 36” Max stroke.



We have the following capabilities:

3 CNC internal grinders dia 550mm
1 CNC external grinder length 1500mm
Manual grinding 1600mm dia 
Centreless 200mm dia
Thread grinding 340mm dia * 750mm long



State of the art metrology is essential when making gears.

Specific to gears is the Gear measurement machine. Hindle have a Klingelnberg P100 with a resolution of 0.01 microns. It is housed in a temperature controlled environment with our CMM.

Wire Cutting WEDM


We have a Makino U3 H.E.A.T
Maximum Workpiece Size 770 x 590 x 220 mm Tall – 600kg
Cutting envelope X370, Y 270, Z220

Wire cutting is a special process with the following advantages:
Complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools.



We use our long term partners to perform a variety of heat-treatments including:

Normalizing & stress relieving
Gas carburising case hardening
Press quenching
Through hardening
Induction hardening



We have the following milling capacity:

2 Okuma horizontal milling machines 500mm pallet
2 FTV vertical machine 1800mm * 800mm
Various manual machines



Our turning capacity is:

2 CNC machines up to 250mm dia (Okuma)
2 CNC machines up to 400mm dia (Mori Seiki)
2 CNC machines up to 650mm dia (Mori Seiki)
2 CNC machines up to 900mm dia (Diedesheim)
1 CNC mill turn 1600mm dia * 1200 length (HNK)

We can accommodate shafts up to 1500mm long.



We are experts in the assembly and refurbishment of many types of gearbox. Some examples are shown in the photographs.