Hindle specialise in gears and components related to transmitting motion.

The list below is indicative but not exhaustive.

The making of gears involves most conventional manufacturing techniques so you will not be surprised to see many other products in our portfolio.



We manufacture spur and helical gears and shafts in the size range:

0.5 mm to 20mm module
Usually ISO 1328 grade 6 or better
10mm to 1000mm diameter
Up to 800mm face width
Shafts up to 1500mm in length

Machined Components


We use conventional machining processes such as turning, milling & grinding for: housings, coupling flanges, brake packs, shafts etc.

The machining envelope isĀ 1600mm diameter * 800 mm length.



We source high quality forgings through our Chinese factory. This has enabled us to find cost competitive alternatives to the domestic market with higher quality levels and reduced lead-time.

Specialising in rolled rings, closed die and hand forgings in a range of steels including 42CrMo4, SAE8620H, and 18CrNiMo7-6.