We have a long history of gear development and manufacture for the UK military.

We supplied almost all the transmission gears in this Terrier vehicle (the last new vehicle built in the UK).

Mining and Construction


Over 50% of our products are used in construction and mining. Like this 100t disc brake component.



We have a long history in marine applications. This is an engine cam gear manufactured to Lloyds register approvals. Lloyd’s …

Oil and Gas


Oil and gas regulations are similar to marine. This is a crane winch gear that we manufactured to DNV approval.

Power Generation


This a wind turbine gear that we manufactured with final inspection including Barkhausen noise measurement. Barkhausen Noise is a micro-magnetic …



After many years on the periphery of motorsport Hindle have moved up a gear.

We have invested in new processes and equipment to enable us to compete with the established players.

This has resulted in us winning the contract for the new Aston Martin Valkyrie, pole position for our future in this market.

Process Engineering


General process gears can have special requirement like this printing gear that we manufacture to ISO1328 Grade 3.