State of the art metrology is essential when making gears.

Specific to gears is the Gear measurement machine. Hindle have a Klingelnberg P100 with a resolution of 0.01 microns. It is housed in a temperature controlled environment with our CMM.

Other in house equipment includes:

  • Mitutoyo CMM
  • Faro Arm
  • Talyrond
  • Air gauging for bores
  • Laser bore measurement
  • Perthometer for profile measurement
  • A great deal of conventional equipment such as verniers, Micrometers, snap and omni gauges etc.
  • MPI
  • Ultrasonic crack detection
  • Acid etch for grinding abuse
  • Millipore for cleanliness
  • Gauss tester for residual magnetism
  • Hardness testers